3 July, 2016

The most delicious chocolate cake

The most delicious chocolate cake
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Products for swamps:

  • 2 eggs
  • 70 g of sugar
  • 2 soup. man. cocoa
  • 70 gr
  • Products a muse:
  • 400 sweet cream sour cream
  • 400 gr. Chocolate
  • 4 suppl. sugar
  • 2 suppl

For syrupy swamps

  • 100 ml of boiled coffee, sweetened with taste mixed with
  • 50 with chocolate liqueur or rum
  • For decoration at your choice and choice
  • roasted nuts, grated chocolate, chocolate cigars, chocolate biscuits, waffles and more.

Preparation of swamps

Break the egg with the sugar until it gets a fluffy creamy mixture, add the flour and cocoa and confuse carefully to avoid dropping the mixture.

Pour into a tray of falling walls covered with baking paper and bake until ready. Once the swamps are ready, it comes off, separates from the paper, cools and is cut into the 2 layer. * If desired, you can dissolve 3 on a thin layer

Preparation of the mousse

Heat 2 / 3 from the cream, taking care not to boil, add 2 / 3 from the black chocolate that we broke beforehand in small pieces, stir well and after the soda add the remaining chocolate. Let's melt like a time stirring until a smooth chocolate garnish is obtained, from which we allocate a small part for the cake glaze. We let most of the gauntlets cool and tighten, best in the freezer, occasionally stirring to produce a homogeneous mixture rather than lumps. Smash the rest of the cream with sugar and add the cocoa, then add the chocolate cream to the dried ganja and then leave it in the freezer until the mousse tightens to a creamy mixture, remembering to mix from time to time.

Assembling the cake

In the drop-down tray, put one swamp, syrupyirame with the luscious coffee to which we added the liqueur or rum. We cover marshmallows with some of the mousse, if desired, topped roasted nuts on nuts, almonds ... or chocolate chips. Put the second blade, syrup it and cover it with mousse, you can set aside mousse for embossed decoration on the cork board later on. * If you divided the swamps of 3 parts, you are mashing the moss so that it will reach you for the third marsh. Put the little mousshed in the freezer again, remove it from the freezer and pour the chocolate droppings on top. Again, put it in the freezer, this time a little longer until it cakes the cake completely. Finally, remove it from the freezer, separate the falling walls of the tray, place the cake in a suitable dish or pan, and decorate the board and side with the mousse, sprinkle with nuts or grated chocolate or decoration as desired, for example you can use chocolate- sweets, biscuits and everything that gave you fantasy! The finished cake is stored in the refrigerator. The cake is fantastic, very tasty and with a rich chocolate flavor! Enjoy!

The recipe was sent by: Mariana Ivanova, Rousse

* The photo has an illustrative character

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The most delicious chocolate cake
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