30 May, 2019

For a garden, terrace and delicious food

For a garden, terrace and delicious food
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The choice of Zukero, Sting and Shaggy is Smokini Restaurant

When international stars of the rank of Zuquero, Sting and Shaggy prefer a restaurant for their eating, this is a real recommendation. It reads: "This is the best restaurant in this city. One is delighted to be one of the most elite restaurants in Plovdiv - Smokini.

To tell you about Smokini, the first is to take you to the center of the European Capital of Culture and the Roman stadium. From there you have to take one of the emblematic streets in the city - Father Paisii. Even today, you can find some of the most beautiful jewelry in the atelier in the narrow street parallel to the main pedestrian street. And that's what makes it special - a few steps from the busiest place in Plovdiv and yet much more relaxed and suitable for relaxation. And right there is Smokini - The Adventure Restaurant of Plovdiv.

The best adventure on hot days is to keep a table in the garden that you will not even believe it exists - stylish, quiet and cool. Often the guests say that when they come here they seem to fall into another world - spacious and colorful, and hidden from the everyday noise. There you will find one of the treasures in the adventure - the corner with decorative figs, the talisman of the best place in Plovdiv. That's where the team takes care of the spices it produces - fresh mint and rosemary, basil and thyme. They then end up in dishes as decorations. The garden is full of flowers that are intrigued in the interior. The colorful heart of the restaurant has a broken form, extremely suitable for small companies of four - five friends.

And the terrace - this is an experience that will make you feel like a star of Sting's rank. It offers views of Otets Paisiy Street, sun and shade, cozy interiors, flowers, freshness and an impressive summer menu. This place will make you come back again and again! Here, you can experience that quiet relaxation, for which every citizen of Plovdiv was born.

But the atmosphere is just part of the adventure - it includes a trip in the world of gastronomy with two directions - international and Bulgarian gourmet cuisine. The delicious meals emphasize interesting combinations, while the menu is specially designed for vegans and vegetarians. But do not expect mediocre proposals such as stewed vegetables. Think about humus with roasted beets and pickled cucumbers. And desserts - they are a temptation no one can stand for.

Find your adventure today and keep a table in the most popular restaurant in Plovdiv - we guarantee: you will like it!

For more information and reservations:

Smokini Restaurant

Address: Otets Paisiy Str 12, 4000 Center, Plovdiv

Phone: 0999 000 996

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