3 June, 2016

Eggs on eyes on spinach puree

Eggs on eyes on spinach puree
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2 eggs
One kg. spinach
2 spoons of flour
4 spoons oil
A glass and a half of fresh milk
1 spoon oil

Method of preparation:

Boil 1 pounds of spinach in a little salted water. Drain it from the water and cut it into small pieces. Mix two tablespoons of flour with 3 to 4 tablespoons butter and fry. Then you add the spinach as well, turning it into the harness repeatedly. Pour a glass and a half of fresh milk into the harness and the broth of spinach. Leave the puree to low heat for about 5 minutes, trying it in salt. After removing it from the heat, mix it with one tablespoon of butter and serve in plates by placing 1-2 eggs on the mashed pots of each dish pre-fried. On the other hand, add two square shaped slices to the eggs.

* The photo has an illustrative character

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